Our Constitution

1.       Executive Members

Position Appointment
District Chair Ex Officio
Deputy District Chair Elected at the first Exec meeting after the Annual General Meeting
District Commissioner Ex Officio
District Youth Commissioner Ex Officio
District Explorer Scout Commissioner Ex Officio
District Secretary Ex Officio
District Treasurer Ex Officio
Nominated Reps x4 Nominated by District Commissioner
Elected Reps x4 Elected at the Annual General Meeting

The nominated reps are nominated by the District Commissioner, and these would typically be 3x Deputy District Commissioners and the Deputy District Youth Commissioner, however this is for the decision of the District Commissioner.

 The elected reps would have specialist areas as agreed with the District Chair which could include, but not limited to: Legal, HR, Lobbying and Safeguarding/SENCO.

2.       Invited Members

These are non-voting invited members of the Executive Committee. They are invited on a needs basis to brief/discuss certain aspects of District business with the Executive.

3.       Right of Attendance

The County Commissioner and the County Chairman (or their representatives) have the right of attendance at meetings of the District Executive Committee.

4.       Additional Requirements for Sub Committees

  • Sub Committees consist of members nominated by the District Executive. These can be from various Groups in the District based on a skills analysis.
  • The District Commissioner, District Chairman, and the Deputy District Commissioner will be ex-officio members of any sub-Committee of the District Executive
  • Any Fund Raising committee must include at least two members of the District Executive. No Section Leader or Assistant Leader should serve on any Fund Raising sub-Committee.
  • Sub Committees may be commissioned, or decommissioned as business needs arise. The only exception to this is the Finance Sub Committee and Appointments/Recruitment Sub Committee.

5. Additional Requirements for District Executive Members

  • To avoid conflicts of interest, all members of the Executive Committee must not hold any other role within the District.
  • If any member of the Executive Committee misses three meetings in succession, their membership of the committee will be placed under review by the District Commissioner/Chair

6. Additional Requirements for Charity Trustees

  • All members of the District Executive are Charity Trustees of the Scout District
  • Only persons aged 18 and over may be full voting members of the District Executive because of their status as Charity Trustees (However the views of the young people in the District must be taken into consideration).
  • Certain people are disqualified from being Charity Trustees by virtue of the Charities Acts (See POR rule 13.1)
  • Charity Trustees are responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation including the Data Protection Act.

7. District Executive Quorum

The District Executive Committee will be quorate if at least 8 Voting Members are present at the meeting.

8. District Forums

To enable the continued flow of information to and from the District Executive, two forums will be constituted.

  • Operational Forum, whose membership will include DC,DDC,ADC’s and GSL’s
  • Chairs Forum, whose membership will include District Chair, DC, DDC and Group Chairs
  • Separate TOR’s will be drafted for the constitution of these Forums.