Scouting Active Support for Adventurous Activities in Basingstoke East
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Supporting Adventurous activities across the district

BEAST Active Support Unit supports Basingstoke East Scouting by providing adventurous activities for all sections. This can be anything from Axe Throwing to Water Sports.

As a newly formed unit we are currently recruiting and training our members to provide these activities but are keen to hear from you on what you would like. Please complete our survey to let us know what your young people want to do!

Join the adventure

We’re actively seeking new members to join our team and train in these adventurous activities. 

Where will it take you?

BEAST Active Support Unit can only function and provide this support to groups with the help of our unit members. Some of our members hold other roles in Scouting and some may have no further involvement than being part of the team, however each member brings a skill to the team which can benefit Scouting across the district.

Our members either hold or are training towards at least one activities permit that we wish to make available to our members. This could be axe throwing, climbing, mountain walking, raft building….the list goes on. You may already have a permit or you could be interested in gaining one….why not speak with us to discuss what options are available to you. There may well be support available for the costs involved in training.

We are especially keen to hear from people who want to train for permits in Hill walking, Bushcraft, & Water Activities

We’re also currently seeking a unit manager to help shape the future. Find out more about the role by clicking below.

Scouts – Coming Soon!
District Axe  Throwing

Cubs – Coming Soon!
District Rifle Shooting

Beavers – Coming Soon!
District Archery Day

Scouts made me

This video highlights some of the exciting activities that we get up to as Scouts and the impact is has on young people.