Superheroes assemble! We return for another virtual camp

21 March 2021

This weekend (20th and 21st March), 60 Beavers and Cubs joined together from Old Basing, Basingstoke Sea Cubs and 1st Basingstoke for another fun filled weekend of virtual camping. Whilst we can’t meet face to face and go camping like we normally would, this doesn’t mean that we can’t all learn #SkillsForLife with our friends and do lots of fun activities.

What’s a ‘virtual camp’ we hear you ask? Well Beavers and Cubs join us for a series of Zoom sessions during the weekend for lots of fun activities, and we set them a few challenges for between the Zoom sessions. And of course, they need to build somewhere to sleep.

Last year we had a pirate themed virtual camp, but this time, we were all superheroes! Lots of the Beavers and Cubs came dressed up as their favourite superhero

All superheroes need a secret hideout so our first task was to create a den. Some of the young people braved the outdoors and pitched a tent in the garden but lots of us built dens inside.

To keep our superhero Beavers and Cubs busy throughout the weekend, they were given a series of activities to carry out at home. This included building their own bottle rockets using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and seeing how high they could launch the rockets. Don’t worry, no birds, neighbours’ cats or young people were in the flight path!

Our team of superheroes also had fun creating their own shields and superhero flags so we know who their den belongs too.

Whilst the Beavers and Cubs were getting creative, they also created a series of stop motion videos showing a superhero in action.

And just to keep their skills sharp, they were given a Treasure Hunt to find the pieces of a picture around their house (cleverly hidden by parents!) so they could piece together the image

Just like any Cub Camp, our superheroes soon got hungry so to keep their energy up, they all helped cook a meal for the family with lots of superhero themed food

No camp is complete without a campfire, so this one was no different and we enjoyed a virtual campfire.

On Sunday morning, we were joined bright and early by Ben Tanner who gave us a great superhero themed routine – the Beavers and Cubs aced it.

And finally, they all created their own mini superhero from a toilet roll tube.

Lots of fun was had by all and the Beavers, Cubs, Leaders and parents all seemed to really enjoy the weekend. A huge thanks to the Leaders who joined to make this camp a success and well done to our superhero Beavers and Cubs for learning more #SkillsForLife and continuing the adventure of Scouting.

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