Announcing our District Hub

12 July 2023

We are super excited to announce the opening of Basingstoke East District Hub. This new venue within the Clock Tower at Chineham Shopping Centre will serve as a Training Venue, workshop and District Headquarters. This new multi-purpose facility is a great development for the District and will bring many different uses to our volunteers and young people.

Workshops & Training

We will have a dedicated workshop area which allows us to run training sessions such as first aid and many of our workshops that support our volunteers and young leaders. This workshop space will also be large enough to hold AGM’s for both the district and groups if they so wish.

Meeting Space

Many groups across the district need meeting spaces, and this often comes with a cost. We will open with two meeting spaces, which will be bookable by our volunteers whether that be for trustee board meetings or to bring leaders together. The rooms will have facilities to help hold productive meetings.

Expansion of Services

Some of the areas we are currently looking at, is to expand our badge offering to have much better stock with live availability for you so that badges can be available much quicker to our young people.


District storage is full! We will be bringing much of the district assets into a central storage location, allowing us to save on hiring additional garages.

Youth Workshop

We want to build a workshop area for our young people for some of those more hard to find facilities badges such as the digital maker badge. We have a few ideas here and will be asking our youth team to come up with some ideas on this.

We will be working hard over the July and August to get this facility ready for our opening event and be usable from September.

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