Our Constitution

This constitution is our adoption of Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) 5.4 and thus should be referred to alongside.

Our Constitution – April 2023

1. Introduction

The Constitution of Basingstoke East District Scout Council (“BEDSC”) Executive Committee, henceforth to be referred to as the Board of Trustees and commonly known as “the Board”, is that prescribed by The Scout Association Policy, Organisation and Rules (“POR”) in Rules 5.2, 5,3 & 5.4

 The BEDSC is the electoral body which supports Scouting in Basingstoke East. It is the body to which the Board is responsible. The Board exists to support the District Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment. Members of the Board must act collectively as charity trustees of Basingstoke East Scouts and in the interest of its members as per POR 5.4.4

This document summarises the specific provisions which have been adopted by BEDSC in applying Rule 5.4.

2. Youth Shaped

The activities of BEDSC will aim to be “Youth Shaped”, as with other areas of Scouting.

The Deputy Chair of the BEDSC will be a young person aged between 18 and 25, nominated by the District Commissioner in consultation with the District Chair.

This appointment will be approved at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year.

Meetings of the Board will be held at a time when it gives precedence to attendance by Young People whenever possible.

 3. Membership of the District Scout Council

The membership of BEDSC is identified in Rules 5.4.2

 4. Basingstoke East District Scouts Board of Trustees

Membership of the board is determined in accordance with POR rule 5.4.5 with the exception of rule b where BEDSC has removed the maximum number of elected members.  This local change is to allow representatives from each group within the district to have a presence on the board. Group presence will usually include one representative from each group with a mixture of nominated and elected position, these will be elected annual at the AGM.  In the case of more than one District Commissioner or District Youth Commissioner the  Ex-Officio District Commissioner in accordance with the District Chair may choose to nominate the other DC’s/DYC’s.

The Board will be quorate when one third of the number of members plus one, are at the meeting. This must include the District Chair or Deputy Chair, unless agreed in advance and somebody else is nominated to Chair the meeting.

Sub-Committees of the Board must be provided with clear, written Terms of Reference before they meet. Decisions of sub-committees must be reported to the next meeting of the Board. The quorum for sub-committees will be set by the Board. This will be at least three, one of whom must be a member of the Board.

 5. Records

It is a legal duty to maintain records of the charity in perpetuity. BEDSC will store all documents (agendas, minutes and papers) on their Office 365 Tenant OneDrive account, as per the Charities Act 2011, any accounting records will be stored for at least 6 years from the end of the financial year of the charity in which they are made.

6. Removal of Board of Trustee Members

Any member who misses three engagements during the course of a year without a valid reason, may, at the third or subsequent meeting(s), be removed from membership of the Board by a majority vote of the members attending providing it is quorate. Engagements are defined as Board meetings or electronic votes.

Any member who behaves inappropriately at a Board meeting, including by using aggressive, abusive language or behaviour that upsets other members, or whose behaviour outside is likely to bring Scouts into disrepute, may be removed by the Board. At least seven days’ notice of such a proposal must be given to all Board members.


An AGM (Annual General Meeting) will be held as determined by rule

 8. Changes to this Constitution

Changes will be made by the BEDSC at a general meeting, when members have been notified at least seven days in advance of the meeting and the proposed change. Should a change be required because of a conflict with POR then the required change may be agreed by the Board until ratified at the next AGM.

 9. Adoption of this Constitution

The September 2022 version of this constitution was adopted at the meeting of the Basingstoke East Scout Council on 5th June 2023 and supersedes the April 2023 version.