Recap of our AGM

6 June 2023

On Monday 5th June 2023 we held the Basingstoke East District AGM. It was great to see so many people there. A full set of minutes will be compiled and released in the coming days on our dedicated AGM page. However in the meantime here is a few highlights of the governance parts that were addressed.


Our updated constitution was approved to bring us inline with new naming conventions and back inline with the updated POR. You can view the constitution here and download a signed copy if required.


The following trustees have been announced for the next year:

  • Peter Byrne – District Chair
  • Carol Mann – District Treasurer
  • Paul Hogan-Williams – Ex-Officio Trustee
  • Jack Tracy – Nominated Trustee
  • Jack Dilly – Ex-Offico Trustee
  • Alan Boddy – Elected Trustee
  • Bee Ahmed – Nominated Trustee
  • Carrie Miller – Nominated Trustee
  • Colin Casey – Elected Trustee [NEW]
  • Christopher Circuit – Elected Trustee
  • Colin Karslake – Nominated Trustee
  • Daria Cooke – Ex-Officio Trustee
  • Gillian Craft – Nominated Trustee
  • John Purdy – Elected Trustee
  • Katherine Witts – Co-opted Trustee
  • Robert Walker – Elected Trustee
  • Yakeshwaren Sekar – Nominated Trustee

Andy Oliver and Keith Maggs have stepped down as trustees.

Our Annual Report

Our annual report was shared and 2022 accounts approved by the committee.

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